Programs and Fees

Our intention is to empower you to beat cancer and become a cancer thriver. 

We do our best to keep our coaching and program fees accessible to help you alleviate some of the inherent stress of dealing with cancer.

In some cases, financial support may be available through our Pay It Forward Scholarship Fund.  Please schedule a free consult if you require financial assistance.

 Individual Coaching Sessions

If you have financial concerns or want to "test the waters" you may choose to do individual one-on-one coaching sessions.

However, the Coaching Programs listed below are designed to help you implement specific tools and strategies to make meaningful progress in your cancer healing journey.

They offer a deeper focus and, because they require a deeper commitment from you, 

results tend to be more substantial (as well as providing significant savings.) 

Comprehensive Initial Intake - up to 90 minutes                    $ 225

 (You'll fill out an intake form ahead of time.)

Coaching Sessions  - 45-60 minutes                                             $ 150

(Time depends on your energy level.)                             

 Individual Coaching Sessions Options:


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 Coaching Programs

Our holistic cancer coaching programs are designed to help you implement specific tools and strategies to make meaningful progress in your cancer healing journey, maximizing results while minimizing physical and emotional discomfort.

They offer a deeper focus and, because they require a deeper commitment from you, 

results tend to be more substantial (as well as providing significant savings.) 

Sessions are typically once per week, though the schedule can be adjusted according to your needs. 

An introductory 6-session program to get you off to a great start in creating a personalized integrative roadmap that feels right to YOU.

  • A comprehensive intake session to assess where you are right now, and clearly define goals and strategies to increase your odds of beating cancer.

  • Explore many of the integrative options that are available to you to support any conventional treatments you may choose to do.

  • Create a "thriver mindset" from the start to set yourself up for success.

  • Learn the basics of an anti-cancer diet and lifestyle.

  • Detox your internal and external environments.

  • Implement empowering self-care practices.

  • Address any issues that may arise as you begin  your cancer journey.

Includes: Initial 90-min intake 

                      5 additional 60-min sessions  

                                    e-Guide and Workbook

1 hour of research on your behalf 


                                                            Total: $ 975

(save $100)

This 12-session program takes a deeper dive exploring factors and stressors that may be at play in creating this imbalance in your body, in order to get to the root causes and heal to the core.


We'll address physical, mental, emotional, relational and spiritual factors and, once identified, you'll learn effective tools and coping skills to resolve them.


During this empowering journey together, you'll explore options that you may not know about yet, and determine which feel RIGHT for you, so you can confidently move forward with your choices. 

We'll fine-tune your anti-cancer diet to invigorate your immune system to function at peak levels, you'll connect to your passions and become more clear about ways to create a meaningful life worth living. 

This program is a powerful process if you're ready to get to the root of it to not only heal cancer, but to truly increase the quality of your life in meaningful ways. 


Includes: Initial 90-min intake 

             11 additional 60-min sessions 

                              e-Guide and Workbook 

2 hours of research on your behalf


                                                       Total: $ 1900

(save $150)

 One-on-one Coaching Programs

* Financial support may be available through our Pay It Forward Scholarship Fund. Please set up a phone interview to assess need and so we can let you know how we can support you.

Group Coaching Program


Embarking on Your Cancer Healing Adventure

This is a beautiful and empowering experience and a great way to "get your feet wet" with coaching, at a more affordable price.


In this 6-week group coaching program we'll explore a different topic each week, inspiring you to explore factors that may be causing this imbalance in your life - showing up as cancer - and learn effective tools and strategies to return to balance and wholeness.


All while strengthening your body, your mind and your spirit. 



Some of the topics we may explore in this 6-week program include: 

  • How to create a Cancer Thriver Mindset to carry you successfully through your journey.

  • A deeper dive into anti-cancer nutrition, and how to fine-tune this important aspect.

  • How to Detox your environment to minimize environmental stressors in your life.

  • Emotional well-being and coping skills to lessen anxiety and overwhelm, and create a stronger sense of calm and inner peace.

  • Relational healing, loving communication, releasing resentments and forgiveness.

  • Spiritual connection to your Higher Self and the power of your intuition.

You'll learn specific information and have a group discussion about the topic. 

You'll receive support and coaching with specific challenges in the group setting.

There are two pricing options:



Six 90-minute sessions

($50 per session.)

The group is limited to 4 -8 participants.



Six 90-minute group sessions

Add two one-on-one 60-minute coaching sessions

(Save $100)

Any time during the six week period.

The next THRIVING TOGETHER program begins on Thursday, November 12, 2020

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The entire amount of your donation will become available to make our coaching programs accessible for cancer patients with financial challenges who require assistance.

It's a beautiful win/win for all involved. 

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Embarking on the Journey

6-Session Program

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Healing to the Core

12-Session Program

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