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As you well know, dealing with cancer can be very stressful at many levels, including financially.


This "Pay It Forward" Scholarship Fund has been set up to offer financial support to cancer patients who may not be able to afford coaching services partially, or completely.

We will personally address the patient's concerns through a personal interview, and assess how much financial support we're able to afford them, so they can benefit from our valuable cancer coaching services, and focus their energies on healing to the core.

This beautiful added service helps us ALL win:

  • You, as a donor, will know that your generosity may help save somebody's life, literally. 

  • The recipient, whom you will likely never meet, will know a complete stranger cared enough to help them through this very challenging time in their life.

  • And us, as providers of this valuable service, so we can continue to offer our support and expertise, being focused on helping as many cancer patients as possible to thrive.

Currently, we're exploring ways for your donation to become tax-deductible, by partnering with a Fiscal Sponsor, an umbrella non-profit organization that's in alignment with our vision and values, which will receive and administer the funds, earmarked towards our project, for a small administrative percentage of donations received.

Until such time (sometime in late 2020) your donation is greatly appreciated. You'll receive a receipt, though its tax-deductibility would need to be addressed by a CPA. 

If you'd like to make a donation, we will gratefully accept it below.

ANY amount is welcomed and appreciated.

OUR PHILOSOPHY - explained briefly.

We believe that beating cancer requires us to HEAL our lives to the core. Through supporting any conventional treatments the patient chooses to do, we focus on an integrative approach that includes:

  • addressing possible contributing factors not only at a physical level, but also at mental, emotional, relational and spiritual levels as well and ways to resolve them.

  • adopting a powerful anti-cancer nutritional program and anti-cancer lifestyle to create an internal environment that's inhospitable to cancer.

  • learn effective strategies to create a "Cancer Thriver" mindset from the start.

  • explore ways to detox our environment and our lives.

  • learn coping skills to effectively deal with fear, worry and overwhelm.

  • explore out-of-the-box non-conventional strategies including natural medicine and alternative therapies.

  • and many other life-affirming strategies focused on healing to the core, improving the odds for cancer to never return again. 

We address each client as a whole person, not just a cancer patient whose tumor needs to be removed.   

How will your generous donation be utilized?

When we utilize funds from the Pay It Forward Scholarship Fund, we cut our fees in half and utilize your support to cover the rest.

All initial consultations are FREE of charge.

  • Your $100 donation affords a cancer patient a 90-minute comprehensive intake session with specific actions they can take right away. ($225 value)

  • Your $150 donation will offer a cancer patient two one-hour coaching sessions. ($300 value)

  • Your $300 donation offers a cancer patient one 60-minute intake and four      30-minute sessions to support them wherever they may need it. ($450 value)

Of course any amount above that will be greatly appreciated and utilized to support various clients who require our support.

We can't thank you enough for your kindness.

We truly are very grateful.

And we know that our clients, whom you will likely never meet,

are more grateful than they will ever be able to say.


Co-founders Eli Hans and Joseph Bennett


(We'll send you a thank you letter with the amount donated via email.)



Thank You!

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