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Supplements, Books, Kitchen Products, and Healing Retreats
that can make a BIG difference during your Cancer Adventure.

Our own e-Guide and Workbook!

A unique way of helping yourself.


This beautiful e-guide and workbook is the FULL version of the free Mini-Guide you can request on our home page. It explores in greater detail each of the FIVE STEPS we consider to be essential after a cancer diagnosis, and includes a Workbook to motivate you to start taking positive action forward. 

  • Explore the many empowering ways you can become proactive in your own healing. 

  • Set yourself up to become not just a survivor, but a cancer thriver from the start.

  • Learn practical ways to incorporate delicious, nutritious foods to help you combat cancer. Menus, recipes, shopping list.

  • Besides your oncologist, assemble a team of other healthcare providers to help you beat cancer from many angles. 

  • Decide on the treatment plan that's right for you. Learn to trust your intuition.

The Anti-Cancer diet guidelines section is enhanced to offer you a deeper understanding of what to include, what to avoid and why.


The super useful Appendix A offers some recipes, a sample meal plan for one day, and a great Shopping List you can print and take with you on a shopping expedition!

Appendix B offers specific words of support for Caregivers, regarding issues they may be dealing with or are likely to face during this journey.

The BEST part of this 50-page guide is that it's also a Workbook. The Action Steps at the end of each chapter encourages you to consider various topics and make gentle forward movement in each area. You can do the work directly on the PDF or print those pages to write by hand.


A $25 USD value, you can pay whatever you'd like for it! (A minimum of $10 USD or as much as you'd like).

A $25 value.

You can pay whatever you'd like!

Minimum $10 USD

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