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Supplements, Books, Kitchen Products and Healing Retreats
that can make a BIG difference during your Cancer Adventure.

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There are many different types and brands of supplements, so I only recommend a few that have made a big impact in my health and well-being. 

THIS product made such a HUGE difference in boosting my immune system (see my lab results below) that I feel I must tell you about it so you can decide if this is right for yourself.




Our immune system plays a CRUCIAL role in identifying and combating cancer cells and tumors, so we need to do all we can to make sure it's in top shape.

Early on in my cancer journey I discovered - through specialized tests ordered by my naturopathic oncologist - that my Natural Killer (NK) cell activity was way down. The number of cells was in range, but the ones I had were practically asleep!

We tried several supplements known for boosting immunity: various high-grade mushroom and seaweed supplements, herbs and vitamins. 

None of them worked for me (based on lab test results.)

Until I finally tried this product: Aloe Arborescens - Supreme Immune Health Formula. My numbers went from dismal to just below normal, and eventually within normal range!


It's delicious (uses raw honey - which shows potential effects to inhibit or suppress the development and progression of tumors)  and uses mainly a unique type of aloe from Brazil (arborescens) which is one of the most important plants exhibiting anticancer activity

CLICK ON THE BANNER to purchase or to learn more about this incredible supplement directly from the company.

If your intuition tells you this is right for you, give it a try.

I still use it as a maintenance regimen (10 days on, 10 days off) to keep immunity up and avoid a recurrence. I hope it helps you boost your immunity in a significant way (not just for cancer but for overall well-being) like it did me.


It's been a total game-changer!

See my lab results:
NK Oct - 2014.png

October 2014 (right after diagnosis) my NK NUMBERS were within range. But...

... my NK FUNCTION (how active they are) was LESS than 2! (completely asleep. Normal is 50-300)

NK sept 2015.png

September 2015 NK function was substantially higher (even AFTER chemo treatments, which took a toll on my immune system!) I took Aloe Arborescense throughout.

NK Labcorp 8-2018.png
NK Labcorp 8-2018.png


NK Labcorp 8-2018.png

August 2018 We switched labs (for insurance reasons) so the ranges are different. But, finally, my numbers are within normal range!

Click on the banner to go to their Products page.

While there, if you want to read some encouraging studies, click on their SCIENCE tab, and then Clinical Studies.

I believe this has been a huge contributor to my improved health and well-being, and in ultimately helping me to become cancer-free.

To Your Health, Eli

I encourage you to give Aloe Arborescens a try!

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