I've made an effort to "put myself out there" so that others can see that it's POSSIBLE to heal our lives, to beat cancer and create a fulfilling and meaningful life, against all odds. 
TV commercial
Scripps MD Anderson Cancer Center, San Diego
I was honored to be asked to do a commercial for Scripps MD Anderson in San Diego about my cancer journey. It was such a positive and unique experience!
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Scripps MD Anderson Cancer Center, San Diego
This I wasn't expecting!
My 15 minutes of fame...
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Had a great time during this live interview with Logan Byrnes in San Diego. (Due to super heavy traffic, I almost didn't make it on time! Got there by the skin of my teeth.)


Didn't expect this taped segment to get so zany during the delightful interview with Jeff Zevely of CBS 8. 


Scripps Md Anderson in San Diego did a story on my cancer journey. You can watch the video here. And if you'd like to, you can read the story.

PLEASE NOTE that the medical story is only HALF on the journey. The integrative and holistic strategies I incorporated are JUST as important in saving my life.