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Supplements, Books, Kitchen Products, and Healing Retreats
that can make a BIG difference during your Cancer Adventure.

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Throughout my cancer Adventure I've read dozens of books, some better than others. 

Here are some of my favorites, to get you started on the right path.

RADICAL REMISSION - by Dr. Kelly Turner:  This NYT Bestseller is so wonderful! It brings so much hope to anyone experiencing cancer. Dr. Turner, a researcher interviews all kinds of folks who have experienced "spontaneous remissions" and uncovers nine factors they all have in common that caused that to happen, even after conventional medicine has failed. Once you learn what those are, it'll inspire you to make sure you follow suit!

ANTICANCER - A New Way of Life - by Dr. David Servan -Schriber:  Another bestseller, this is the book I wish I had written. So much great info!


As a doctor and cancer patient himself, Dr. David challenges traditional beliefs about typical practices and the body's ability to heal, identifies environmental and lifestyle factors that promote cancer growth, and outlines conventional and science-based alternative therapies in a truly integrative way.


He's delightful and offers great info about anti-cancer foods, the anti-cancer mindset, and much more in this brand new edition.

CHRIS BEAT CANCER - by Chris Wark:   Love Chris. He's a super knowledgeable and likable colon cancer survivor, who has recently made quite a splash in the alternative cancer healing world. 


After surgery he opted out of chemo and devised his own natural healing path. This book includes his story and many different ways to heal naturally.


He's quite opposed to conventional treatments, and has a strong faith in God, which he also credits as a crucial aspect of healing.

THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO CANCER - by Dr. Lise Alschuler & Karolyn Gazella:  

If you're the type that really wants to get into the nitty-gritty of integrative approaches to cancer, this is for you!


What I love about this book is that it's easy to understand for the lay person. Lots of info about how to integrate conventional and complementary therapies, which supplements are best with specific types of cancer, as well as diet and lifestyle choices for prevention, treatment and healing.  Very well organized and full of great info (though a bit dense, with lots to go over.)

Dr. Lise is a naturopathic oncologist who's also a breast cancer survivor. Karolyn has been in the health industry for over two decades, and is also a cancer survivor.

LIFE OVER CANCER - by Dr. Keith Block:   Another wonderful and comprehensive book about an integrative approach to healing cancer. Lots of excellent info about complementary ways to support conventional treatments with diet, supplements and other therapies.


Dr. Block is the medical director of the Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment in Evanston, Illinois. They've treated 1000's of patients with these integrative strategies. He makes quite a lot of references about his clinic, that at times feels promotional. Nevertheless, lots of excellent info here specific to various cancers, supplements and approaches.

HOW TO STARVE CANCER:   This book is pretty controversial, and it COULD be the future of cancer treatment. The author, Jane McLelland, was given a terminal cancer diagnosis. She has a strong medical background so she threw herself into intensive research to find ways to stop her cancer from growing.


What she discovered actually cured her cancer. Her approach is in discovering the different pathways in which each cancer fuels itself, and blocking those pathways through the use of various already off-label, existing medications and supplements, to literally starve cancer to death. 

Though I find this approach fascinating, and it's working for many people (as evidenced in her FB page and other reports) I do find the scientific part to be way over most people's heads. It required lots of effort to wrap my mind around the ideas. However, very much worth a read. 


CANCER THRIVER - Five Essential Steps You Must Take After a Cancer Diagnosis- by Eli Hans and Joseph Bennett:  Yes, this is our very own contribution!


This guide and workbook is what we wish we had found when first embarking on my healing journey. It discusses FIVE steps we consider to be essential to get on the right healing path after being given a cancer diagnosis. 

This guide goes into greater detail than our Free Mini-Guide. Each segment offers you more resources and ideas, the Anti-Cancer Diet segment includes recipes, a menu plan sample, and a shopping list you can print and take with you on a shopping expedition to the market!

The best part of this guide are the Action Steps after each section, to get you exploring, thinking and taking action in the right direction. We hope you get tremendous value from this downloadable book. 

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