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with Eli

Easy and delicious recipes designed to help you HEAL

from the inside out!

Trying to figure out what to eat during cancer

can be a pain in the you-know-where... right?

Does this sound like you?​

  • I don't know what I should be eating.

  • When I cook, I'm so bored with what I make.

  • Salad again. What am I, a rabbit?

Say goodbye to the Rabbit-Food Blues!

Get excited about preparing beautiful and delicious meals you'll love, to help you heal from the inside out!

(If you're thankfully not dealing with cancer but want to prevent it and improve your health by making some wonderful lifestyle changes...
 you'll also LOVE these videos!)

Health starts in the kitchen.

Whatever you may be doing to get well and get healthy,

preparing beautiful, nutritious meals has got to be at the top.

  • Learn to prepare a variety of practical, delicious and nutritious meals.

  • Learn kitchen hacks to make things much easier for you.

  • Get excited about the power of healthy food to transform your life.

This will take you far on your healing journey!

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Your guide on this cooking adventure...

I'm Eli. I know what it's like to be confused and overwhelmed about what to eat.


I was diagnosed with a scary cancer diagnosis in 2014. One of the pillars of my integrative healing protocol was diving full force into healthy, life-giving foods. Cooking for myself helped me take my power back and I've been cancer-free for over five years. 


Now, I'm a certified holistic cancer coach, as well as a natural foods chef.


I discovered beautiful and delicious ways to nourish myself at every level.

And I'm here to show you how to do the same.

Cooking can be a lot of FUN!

(Please watch this brief welcome video.)



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Kind Words

Dr. Marin Xavier

Oncologist / Hematologist

Scripps MD Anderson, San Diego CA

Eli was my patient and he's a truly exceptional human being. It's been amazing to witness how a person can thrive in the face of cancer. He and Joseph are invaluable to others going through their cancer journey. 

Cheryl Rozovsky

Quebec, CA

Loved, loved, loved Eli's cooking classes! He's an excellent teacher, super knowledgeable and skilled, plus funny and entertaining, which helps a lot. I'm totally motivated to make this way of eating a new way of life!

Kate Rowland

Denver, CO

I thoroughly enjoyed this series of classes with Eli. He makes things fun, plus he's a fountain of information. I already started cooking some of these recipes and I'm excited to explore things even further. Thanks for the inspiration, Eli!

So, tell me about your classes...

Each of the 5 healthy cooking classes in this series focuses on powerful, anti-cancer ingredients (who knew?) that are absolutely delicious .

  • The 75-90 minute classes are pre-recorded. You can play and pause as you go, so we can cook together in your kitchen.

  • I don't just show you HOW to prepare amazing dishes, I also share lots of info with you about WHY I use certain ingredients and their benefits.

  • You'll receive beautiful recipe guides and info sheets you can save and print, so you can access them any time you want them.

  • You'll learn kitchen hacks and tricks to make things much easier for you.

  • The videos have a Time Stamp so you can quickly access the specific information you need when you want it.

Wanna know what's on the menus?

Most menu items are vegan.

I offer easy ways to substitute ingredients if you prefer. 


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Ready to dive in?

If you treat this like a new adventure, exploring new flavors and foods that are profoundly good for you, you're going to do great!

​Get all 5 healthy cooking class videos, plus beautiful recipes and info sheets for only $75 USD! *

(that's $15 per class!)

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CLASS 4.png
CLASS 3.png

All that, PLUS... two wonderful Bonuses!

 - BONUS 1 -

Stay inspired and motivated!


You'll have access to our PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP where you'll meet other wonderful folks, share photos and recipes, and support one another

to eat well, heal and thrive!

Eli will periodically post new recipes and photos and do Facebook Lives to answer your questions, inspire you and cheer you on.

 - BONUS 2 -


Print this handy-dandy shopping list and take it with you on your next shopping adventure. It will help you stay focused on wonderful ingredients to bring home with you.


* FULL DISCLOSURE: To be perfectly transparent, this was the first time we've done anything of this nature. Though the content and quality of instruction is excellent, we experienced some minor tech challenges in the first two videos. Though not perfect, the quality of video and sound is good enough for you to thoroughly enjoy and benefit from these classes. We ironed out tech issues after that.  

There! Now you know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but.

Got Questions about Healthy Cooking Classes with Eli?

Register here and get 

INSTANT access.

Having trouble signing up? Contact us here.


Though we typically offer a "Nothing to Lose" cancellation and refund policy for live events and classes, offering a refund if participants cancel within 72 hours from the start of an event, due to the nature of this INSTANT ACCESS to the pre-recorded material and recipe guides, we're not able to offer you a refund for this series. ​Let us know if you have any questions before making your purchase. 

Thanks for your understanding.