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About Eli

Yes. I know how terrifying a cancer diagnosis can be. I've been there: the shock, fear and confusion. All those conflicting emotions happening at once.


In 2014 I was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The odds of surviving were frightening (about 10%, yikes!) Yet, through reconnecting deeply with my intuition, and delving into tons of research, I discovered life-saving, integrative strategies - balancing conventional and complementary treatments with out-of-the-box tools - that helped me not only survive, but THRIVE.

I'm a life and business coach, and then went on to become trained as a Certified Holistic Cancer Coach so that I can SUPPORT YOU to become a cancer thriver, too!

I'm a multi-passionate entrepreneur, motivational speaker, workshop leader, and certified Passion Test facilitator. 

I've been on the personal growth/spiritual path most of my life and have literally spent thousands of hours training to be here, now, doing this incredible, life-changing work to help YOU through this challenging journey.

I can't wait to meet you to share what I've learned and guide you to discover your own answers.


You can do this. I can help!


Eli Hans

Cancer Thriver 

Certified Holistic Cancer Coach


Watch this BRIEF VIDEO: A talk about my Cancer Healing Adventure.

And how I ended up dancing the Cha-Cha with my oncologist!

I'm here for YOU.

I'm willing to do whatever I can to help you get through this temporary experience, learn to turn it around, and focus on doing all that's necessary for you to THRIVE!

Your life has the potential to be even better than before. More clear, healthy and strong, more connected to your life purpose. Many miracles and surprises await you.

It will be an HONOR to work together to discover YOUR way to navigate through the turbulent seas of your cancer adventure.


About Joseph


Joseph Bennett, MBA

Certified Life Coach 


and EFT Practitioner

Joseph is an inspiring certified life-coach and spiritual counselor, as well as a certified hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique.) He has helped hundreds of people improve their lives, heal, quit smoking, release fears and worries, and remember how to live freely.

He's also a talented artist, creating unique assemblages of found, recycled objects.

Regarding Eli's cancer adventure, he was the PERFECT primary caregiver and has a wealth of knowledge and suggestions for other caregivers about how to best support their loved one experiencing cancer and related treatments, while taking excellent care of themselves as well.

He is a humanitarian, filled with compassion and a great sense of humor! 

He specializes in helping you and your caregiver find more peace, lessen worry and anxiety and move forward with confidence. 

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