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(VIDEO) Self-Massage and Healing Meditation

I've been wanting to share this beautiful (and healing) part of my morning routine for many years. Now that we're spending so much time sheltering at home, I had no more excuses.

Dealing with cancer is challenging enough. The coronavirus pandemic can bring on a whole lot of added stress and concern. I KNOW this will help you manage some of that.

So, here it is. A BIG part of my cancer-healing tool box. I hope you'll be able to follow along with me as I share with you what I do after a few minutes of gentle stretches.

It's called Do-In; a form of self-massage or Shiatsu, stimulating some important pressure points in the body to wake us up, stimulate our immune system, promote healing and help us feel good all over. It will help you really connect with yourself in a very loving way.

The self-massage portion only takes a few minutes. Afterward, I go right into a healing meditation I think you'll really enjoy and get lots of value from. It's a wonderful way to get grounded, connect with yourself, release anxiety (or anything else you want to let go of) and generate internal peace.

From my perspective, constant anxiety, worry and fear really diminish our ability to self-heal as our immune system becomes stressed and exhausted. When we're calm, joyful and centered, our immune system is much more able to do what it was designed to do. So, we're better able to heal, regain our balance and become more of who we came here to be!

And, that's the point, yes?

So, get comfy. Wash your hands, please, as you'll be touching your face and your body. Remove your shoes and socks, take a seat on the floor (or a chair is fine, too) and let's do this, together!

Please try it. No harm and lots to gain. (Be gentle with yourself. If there's anything you can't do, listen to your body and do what you can.)

Hope you enjoy this, and benefit from it, as much as I have.

Wishing you LOTS of healing!

If you need ANY support during your cancer healing journey, I'm RIGHT HERE, ready to support you through it.

Stay well during this unusual time in all of our lives.

Big hug, Eli


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