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5 Steps to Access Your Intuition for Deep Healing

One of the most empowering healing tools I discovered during my cancer journey was one that's easy to overlook in the midst of "cancer pandemonium," and yet it's truly an enormous asset once we're able to tap into its power.

Though that tool is free, it's absolutely priceless. And, something all of us can access at any time: connecting with our intuition at a deep level. And, learning to Trust it, with a capital T.

I hope that these simple 5 steps to access your intuition will help you to create deep healing in your life.


We all know that being newly diagnosed with cancer is extremely stressful, and with so much contradictory information coming at us it's easy to become overwhelmed, confused, unsure, and even panicked.

When our life is on the line, it's more important than ever to make the right decisions that will lead to our full recovery and optimal health. So, using our intuition as a filter for the information we gather is essential.

The antidote that helped me calm down all the confusion and overwhelm when I needed it most, was to access my inner wise self; the part of me that knows the truth at the highest level. The second part of that equation was to learn to Trust that voice above all else.

Not an easy thing to do when everyone has strong opinions around you: your doctor, your spouse, your mother, your well-meaning friends.

And we begin to second-guess ourselves: "If you do this, it'll kill you. If you don't do that, it will definitely kill you." Or "How am I ever going to figure this out? I can't make a decision. What if I make a mistake?"

Sound familiar? That incessant monkey chatter only serves to add more doubt and stress, which is exactly what we're trying to avoid.

In hindsight, this ONE of many life-saving strategies I used to get well and become a cancer thriver, proved to be at the top of the list (though ALL of them are valuable and necessary.)

After my initial panic, I came to realize that the answers weren't "out there." They were always inside of me. All I had to do was figure out how to get to them with absolute trust and confidence.

It wasn't easy. But, with practice, I came to rely on that voice, guiding me though many challenges I encountered along the way.

To this day, when I have to decide how to proceed when I'm unsure or confused, especially when it comes to my health and well-being, I use the process I'm about to share with you.

It's a beautiful process I discovered in the midst the most challenging decision of all for me: whether or not to do chemo.

Once I discovered how to do this, I truly believe this was the start of my beautiful healing journey. And you can learn to do it as well. Once you train yourself and practice it a little bit, it's easy, effective, and you can access it quickly.


Many years ago I read a book called ONE, by Richard Bach. In the midst of my chemo conundrum, I suddenly remembered that the book dealt with the idea of time not necessarily being linear, and that there could be multiple realities occurring at once.

I know. Kinda woo-woo.

I remember thinking it was a cool and interesting premise, though a bit far-fetched, and it would be a great idea for a movie.

Yet, in my desperation for an answer, this book somehow came to mind. And I thought: "If there's a slight possibility that any of that is remotely true, then some aspect of me, in the future, may have already healed. All I need to do is get a hold of him!

Problem was... I didn't have his phone number!

So, I figured, if I somehow survive this bad prognosis (I much later learned I had about a 10% chance of making it) then my Future Healed Self would know what he did to get well, right?


So, I sat quietly, and visualized this super healthy, fit, vibrant Future Me. For some reason, he showed up in my mind's eye in the midst of giving a talk to a large audience in a beautiful theater. He was wearing a head mic.

At that point the idea of doing talks was nowhere in the picture.

(Make sure you read the EPILOGUE of this story at the bottom... it'll give you chills.)

In my mind, I somehow found myself on the wings of the stage, in the dark, and Future Me sensed me, kind of crouching there. He told his audience he'd be right back and rushed over to me. We were so happy to see each another!

"What're you doing here?" he asked, like a long-lost friend.

I said: "Look, I can see you're kinda busy. But, I just really need to know... did we do chemo?"

And he said: "Yes, yes we did do chemo. And we did a lot of other things I'll tell you about. But, for now, go ahead and do it. You're going to be fine and you're going to get well." We said goodbye and he went back to the stage.

To tell you the truth, that's the last thing I wanted to hear him say. I really didn't want to do chemo. But... something deep inside of me told me to Trust him. He felt like a loving friend I hadn't seen for a very long time. So, I did it.

Yet, I couldn't envision myself accepting such toxic chemicals going into me. I needed to reframe the whole idea of chemo, so I decided to call it "Love Juice."

That, I could handle.

I placed my hands over the bags and imagined infusing the stuff with all the love and support I was receiving from family, friends and loved ones. I even attached sticky labels to the chemo bags!

The nurses at the infusion center thought it was fun and they went along with it. They'd show up wearing their protective, hazmat suits singing: "Here's your Love Juice!"

Though it was very challenging to go through, doing Love Juice became an important aspect of many other life-saving strategies I used to become a cancer thriver.

Since then, Future Healed Me and I have talked hundreds of times. We started a dialogue, through meditation and through writing in my journal, and from then on, when I feel confused or unsure, we always have a little Pow Wow.

He has never steered me wrong.


When I work with clients I take them through a beautiful guided imagery process to help them connect with their Future Healed Self. It's always a moving and powerful process.

Nobody knows you better or loves you more than this aspect of you. And she or he has all the answers you need, and wants what's best for you.

Here's a simplified method you can explore to connect with your Future Healed Self. Do your best to not judge the process. Just try it and see what comes up for you.

You might see her, or feel her, or just get a warm sensation. Eventually you'll learn to discern this voice from the incessant monkey chatter that only makes you stressed or anxious. THIS voice will always make you feel calm, at peace and loved.

Ready? Here are your 5 steps to connect with your Feature Healed Self:

1. Find a quiet space where you can be alone for a few minutes. You might want to have pen and paper handy.

2. Sit quietly, connecting to your breath. In and out, deeper each time, yet keeping it comfortable. See yourself in your happy place: a beach, a meadow, sitting in a park bench under a tree.

3. Once you get calm, ask your Future Healed Self to please join you. Visualize her or him seated in front of you, or right next to you. They're strong and healthy and already healed. How do they look?

Don't force the image at all. Just wait for it to appear, and if you have a hard time visualizing, then just SENSE their presence. Hint: It will always feel loving, kind and compassionate. Who else knows you better and cares what happens to you, than the highest aspect of YOU?

4. Establish eye contact in your mind's eye, or just an awareness of that amazing YOU seated there, looking fabulous in front of you. Then ask the Future You what he or she did to get well. Did we do this? Or that?

Sometimes it's easier, especially at first, to ask yes or no questions. Later on, as you establish this connection, fuller more detailed answers may come with more ease.

5. Then just listen. It may come as words, or images, or just a sense. You may need to stay with it a little, at first. Try to feel the love of this future, healed version of you and welcome the answers and support.

Write what comes to you. Open your eyes just enough to see the paper and pen and do your best to stay in that state of calm and connection.


I know it's kind of a tricky thing to do at first. It may feel like you're making it up, and that's fine. You'll be so grateful when you're able to access that higher part of you who KNOWS the answers.

You can do research, using your mind and asking Dr. Google, but then connect with this deep intuition to make your decisions. That's the most effective way to access the best parts of you in the way they are meant to serve you.

This aspect of self-empowerment and self-love is a HUGE part of discovering YOUR right path amidst all the confusion so common in the cancer journey. You need to learn to rely on YOU and your deep intuition to discover your own answers.

If you need help figuring this out, I'm happy to help. You can schedule a free 30-minute call with me right here.

I'd love to know...

What do you think of this idea? Please share some thoughts in the COMMENTS BELOW. Or shoot me an email. If you tried it, what came up for you? Did you hear any AWESOME advice?

Thanks for having the courage to share. Your words will inspire others and help their lives get better.

To your highest healing,



Four years later, having become a cancer thriver, I was asked to give a talk about my cancer journey. It took place in a beautiful large theater, with about 300 audience members. I was wearing a head mic.

MOMENTS before they introduced me, while I was back stage, I sensed a presence in the wings of the stage. In the dark, I saw the old me. The newly diagnosed, terrified me. And he said, "I can see you're kinda busy. But, I really need to know. Did we do chemo?"

You know the rest.

With chills in my arms, I had the full realization that I had come full circle. I had become Future Healed Me. Then, at that moment, they introduced me and I went out to give my talk.

If you'd like to see the talk, you can watch the brief video right here. Just scroll down a little bit on the page.

When you do, you'll be one of the very few who knows the back story.

MIRACLES DO HAPPEN! Stay open to them, and watch them unfold.

If you'd like to explore this further, feel free to schedule a FREE 30-minute chat with me HERE.

All my best,



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