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5 Delicious Healthy Breakfast Ideas to turn Ho-hum into Yum!

Making breakfast can often be kind of a daunting task, right? Just thinking about what to make that's different - and healthy - feels like a chore sometimes when your brain hasn't even woken up yet!

And if you're dealing with cancer, avoiding sugary cereals and dairy, and trying to stay on track with super-nutrition, what do you do?

You open up the fridge and think: “What can I eat, what can I eat?” This? Nope. That? Nope. You look in the pantry… same thing.

Though those places might be full, you still end up yelling: There’s nothing I can eat!

So, you automatically reach for the tried and true: boring eggs, or plain oatmeal.

Yawn! Sound familiar?

Yep, been there, done that, MANY times! Especially since Joseph and I are seriously committed to our health and eating as well as possible.

So, what's a health-conscious person supposed to do?

Break out of the breakfast blues! Get excited about trying new things in the morning that are different, healthy, and delicious!

Aside from great flavors and textures, you'll have more energy to last throughout the morning, eliminate bloating, change things up by starting the day with something new and creative, and wake up your taste buds with something delicious that is also good for you!

Here are a few of my delectable go-to healthy breakfast ideas!

Some require the same prep time as regular old, boring things; they're just more creative and delicious! Others take almost no time to prep, yet they require pre-thought, meaning, you gotta set things up the night before, so in the morning they will be ready instantly (What? Is that possible? Breakfast ready automatically?)

And yet others do require a little more prep time, I'll admit, yet are totally worth it, not only for the yumminess factor but for the added nutritional value as well.

Also, if you have kids or grand-kids, some of these recipes lend themselves for some creative decorating fun using fruit and nuts. A great way to involve the kids in making breakfast!

You ready for your "Break out of the Breakfast Blues" Healthy Breakfast Adventure?

What? You just said oatmeal was boring! Not this one, my friend. This is one delicious velvety version, with my secret recipe for Unbelievable Cashew Cream that will make you lick the bowl!

I encourage you to experiment and create your own wonderful variations! And then share them with the rest of us below.

2. Not into grains because they make you feel heavy or bloated? Or, if you just want to have a delicious and super-easy alternative to oatmeal – then you MUST try the magical No Bloat Chia Pudding or Porridge. You prep this one the night before, put it in the fridge and Ta-da! All done in the morning. (Told ya!) The pudding is enjoyed cold, the porridge you simply warm up on the stove for a few seconds. Chia seeds are amazing in all ways. Learn about them in that post.

3. Tired of the same ol’ eggs? Then try the Healthy Huevos Rancheros with a Twist. Add some greens and other veggies to not only accentuate the flavors but to add a boost of nutritional value to the whole enchilada…

Well, you get the point.

4. You don’t do eggs, you say? Bet you miss them! If so, this solution is for you! These Mexican Scrambled Tofu Faux-Eggs taste better than eggs, they look just like them, and with the added plus of the anti-inflammatory compounds of Turmeric powder, this breakfast is yummy, healthy and nutritious. (I know there is some controversy about whether or not eating soy is good for you. This blog covers some of those concerns…)

5. Ready for something totally different? If you’re on a health kick, or you want to feel like a triathlon athlete, or just to let yourself really be surprised about how delicious a healthy breakfast can be, this Delicious Power-Breakfast Bowl is for you! Soaked and sprouted almonds as a base, with fresh berries filled with antioxidants on top, covered with a delicious cashew cream (mentioned above), and topped with powerful lentil sprouts!

What? Sprouts for breakfast? Oh, yes, my dear friend. These little babies are packed with nutrition, protein, and living enzymes that are good for your tummy. You. Will. Love. It! (Check out this other blog post for instructions on How to make Lentil Sprouts.)

There you go, a way to break out of the breakfast blues! Be adventurous and try some of these ideas, or all of them! And PLEASE come back and let us know which ones you tried and what you thought of them in the COMMENTS BELOW!

Also, if you have other healthy breakfast ideas to share with us and others, we would LOVE or hear about them!

Thank you all for reading! Here's to changing things up in the morning!

Love, Eli


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