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3 Ways to Deal with Overwhelm

There's so much of what could be called "low vibration" on the planet right now — so much negativity in the news cycles, in our newsfeed, in emails and in conversations (or screaming matches) between us.

Recent posts by friends on Facebook have been asking what else can they do? They've already donated to causes and campaigns that they wish to support, have brought clothing and toiletries to shelters and immigration centers, voted, marched and called their representatives.

And still they feel they haven't done enough. Others have already given up the fight and asked "what difference does it make?" and done little.

And most of us, whether we're "fighting the good fight" or have already thrown in the towel, are experiencing overwhelm. A feeling of powerlessness or an over-saturation of negativity, discord or conflict.

Below are 3 ways to deal with overwhelm (there are many, many more ways but we didn't want to overwhelm you:)

1. Love. Many masters throughout the centuries have professed the sublime power of love, and truly it is the only way to assuage the energies of fear and hatred. And, sadly, it's not the choice that most of us are reaching for currently — until now. All the more reason to choose it, yes?

So, in an effort to alleviate some of the suffering of today, we ask you to try this: For the next thirty+ days, go out of your way to LOVE in every possible moment. Love those that are in your way, those that are making decisions that you don't agree with. Love those that are voting differently than you. Love those that are wearing the "wrong" jacket or hurting our children.

Love those that are using words you don't like or don't agree with. In each and every possible moment, Love. Choose love in the crowded grocery store, in traffic, in your family, in the picket line, on social media and at the border. No matter what, for the next 30+ days:

When faced with a choice, choose the most loving. And then, after 30+ days of this practice? Reflect on how you feel, perceive and interact with the World. Breathe in all of this new-found love and centeredness. And then? Choose to love for another thirty days. Or a lifetime.

2. See above.

3. See above.

A super simple practice, yes?

And so we ask you: In what ways can you be more loving for the next 30+ days?

What specifically are you willing to do/think/believe/let go of to be a more loving presence on the Planet? Are you willing to do it even if it feels odd, uncomfortable or "wrong" to choose love?

We so need you to help us create more opportunities for love in the World — and allow for places for love to flow more freely from you to me, from him to her, from us to them.

Are you willing? Yes or Yes?

Below, please feel free to share your comments, ideas and plans for being more loving!

With BIG, open love,

Eli and Joseph


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