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Easy and delicious recipes designed to help you HEAL

from the inside out!

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Welcome to my kitchen!



with Eli

Trying to figure out what to eat during cancer

can be a pain in the you-know-where...

(Or, if you're thankfully not dealing with cancer but want to prevent it by making some lifestyle changes, you'll also benefit from joining us!)


Does this sound like you?​

  • I don't know what I should be eating.

  • When I cook everything's bland and boring.

  • I'm so tired of the same old thing.

Say goodbye to the Rabbit-Food Blues!

Get excited about preparing beautiful and delicious meals you'll love, to help you heal from the inside out!

Health starts in the kitchen.

Whatever you may be doing to get and stay well,

preparing beautiful, nutritious meals has got to be at the top.

  • Learn to prepare a variety of practical and delicious anti-cancer meals.

  • Learn kitchen hacks to make things much easier for you.

  • Get excited about the power of healthy food to transform your life.

This will take you far on your healing journey!

Register for your LIVE, healthy cooking class on Zoom!

Your guide on this adventure...

I'm Eli. I know what it's like to be confused and overwhelmed about what to eat.


I was diagnosed with a scary cancer diagnosis in 2014. One of the pillars of my integrative healing protocol was diving full force into healthy, life-giving foods. Cooking for myself helped me take my power back and I've been cancer-free for over five years. 

Cooking Classes Welcome

Cooking Classes Welcome

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Register for your LIVE, healthy cooking class on Zoom!


Now, I'm a certified holistic cancer coach, as well as a natural foods chef.


I discovered beautiful and delicious ways to nourish myself at every level.

And I'm here to show you how to do the same.

It's going to be FUN!

(Please watch this brief welcome video.)

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What will be on the menu?

My intention is to keep things simple and doable.

  • Rather than one long class, there's a series of five shorter classes, once per week.

  • Each class will focus on one main dish, with one or two additional yummy surprises. The class will be around 75-90 minutes, including Q & A in the end.

So, what will we cook?


That will depend on what I find at the Farmer's Market that morning and the inspiration that strikes me. Each class may include one of the following: