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My Philosophy & Approach

Eli Hans - Cancer Thriver 

Certified Holistic Cancer Coach

Supporting newly diagnosed cancer patients and their loved ones through their cancer journey to regain optimum health and create their best possible outcome .

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  I BELIEVE that:

  • Healing is absolutely possible; our body is an incredible healing machine. We just need to give it what it needs.

  • For healing to occur at a core level, an approach that embraces the whole person is necessary, addressing physical, emotional, spiritual, nutritional & other life imbalances. 

  • Cancer is as unique and individual as each of us is, so we have to systematically discover each of us needs in order to heal.

  • In many ways, your cancer experience is exacerbated by fear. So, it's crucial to find an internal place of calm and intuition, and make decisions from THAT place. It might seem impossible at the moment yet, believe me, you'll get there.

  • Cancer is a multi-factorial result, not just something that happens as a fluke or that we're doomed to experience genetically. When you discover what those factors might be for you, you'll discover how to counteract them and get back on the road to wellness.

There's A LOT you can do to improve your outcome! In some situations conventional treatments are the answer, in others, a fine balance of complementary and alternative options might be best.


There are many new treatments coming down the pike, and many available options under the radar, too!


Once you begin to create balance again by making life-affirming choices, you'll improve your chances to become a cancer THRIVER, not just a cancer survivor.

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  • To become sound or healthy again at a root level.

  • Focus on: becoming whole, balanced and in harmony with yourself.

  • Most health conditions are more successfully treated if they are healed from the core.

  • To eliminate all evidence of disease, typically medically.


  • Focus on: relieving symptoms of disease, not the cause.

  • A "cure" is truly lasting when healing happens on a deeper level.

"When you marry healing and curing, you pave the way for magic to happen."

Lissa Rankin M.D.


As your cancer coach, I have the distinct advantage of having been through this experience, one that initially looked rather bleak, with about a 10% chance of survival.

Throughout what I lovingly call my Cancer Adventure, I learned many life-affirming and life-saving strategies that, literally, saved my life.

By nature, I'm a spiritual and intuitive person, yet also very grounded in accepting reality and discovering effective solutions to life's challenges.


I became trained and certified as a holistic cancer coach through the Center for Advancement in Cancer Education. My job is to inspire and guide YOU to find your own path along this life-changing journey.



My mission is to SUPPORT YOU and your loved ones during this very challenging phase of your life, to make things easier for you so you can focus on healing and getting well.  

We do this via phone or Zoom (like Skype) typically meeting once per week or more depending on your needs.

It's important that you, your loved ones and caregivers get on the same page about treatment options and approaches to maximize your success. Knowing that, ultimately, YOU make your own decisions. It's your body, and your life. YOU are in control.


Together we will chart a course of action to create optimum results, and make adjustments as needed.

MY ULTIMATE GOAL is for YOU to find your way to balance and optimal health.

You can do this! I can help.

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Our mission is to support people like you in the best way possible so that you too can become a cancer thriver!

We're happy to talk with you on the phone or Zoom, FREE of charge, for your first half-hour to learn about how cancer wellness coaching works, and to get a sense of one another.

Please fill out the FORM BELOW. Along with your info, please give us three possible dates and afternoon time slots THIS week for our free 1/2 hour time together (please include your Time Zone!)

I'll get back to you confirming a time, and we'll go from there.

Thank you for being brave!

Hope to talk with you very soon.

Big hug,

Eli and Joseph

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