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Coaching for Cancer Coaches


Build Your Brilliant Business

Setting Up Your Successful Cancer Coaching Practice

Want to start your new coaching business with a strong foundation? Not sure how to set things up to improve your odds at being successful?


We get it. You have a big heart and want to help people get through the most challenging part of their life. You have tools, knowledge and skills you’re aching to use to help people find their way.


That’s beautiful and commendable. And…


If you want to do this professionally – which means making good money – you need to set things up as a business from the start.


This unique coaching career requires you to wear two hats: the coach/counselor part of you AND the administrator/driving force of a professional business.


Each of those two broad areas has a lot of interwoven moving parts that you get to play with. It’s a fabulous and exciting combination of required skills with the potential of being ultimately deeply gratifying, and highly profitable.


The GOOD NEWS is that, though it can seem overwhelming at first, every aspect of the business end of things can be learned. Soon, you’ll get the basics down, get into a groove and momentum will start building.

You just need to put systems in place that FEEL good to you and work well with who YOU are, so that your business becomes a natural extension of you. 


Truth is, no. You don't. You can figure this out by yourself. Yet...


Just as YOU function as a guide to a cancer patient through the maze of challenges they may face, using your knowledge and expertise to make things easier for them, help them avoid pitfalls, and develop skills they can put to use effectively, we can guide YOU to take inspired action in the right direction to get your coaching business off to a great start.

And that means saving you lots of time, and money, and a ton of frustration!


We’d like to keep things simple and offer you some guidance with essential aspects of setting up your coaching practice on a solid foundation from the start, so you can up and running and help as many people as possible, while making great money at it, too.

Sound good?


This unique opportunity is being specifically designed for certified cancer coaches from as a way to supplement their excellent certification training and taking things a step beyond, into setting up a strong foundation for the business aspect of coaching.


We’d like to invite you to a FREE live webinar where you’ll come away with some solid and really valuable tools you can implement in your business right away. 


Also, it's a chance for us to get to know each other a little, and for us to LISTEN to your primary needs and concerns regarding setting up your business as a professional. 


If enough of you are ready to shift gears and take things up a few notches, we'll then create an affordable training designed to address as many of those concerns as possible, so that you can get inspired, excited, and charged up to share your gifts with the world (and make great money at it!)


So start thinking about: In what areas do you need support, specifically? Which part of starting your coaching practice is presenting challenges?


Some of what may be covered in that custom-designed training we'll specifically create for Holistic Cancer Coaches from may include:


  • Getting clear about your business model - How do you want to make money? There are many ways of creating multiple sources of income in your business so that when one area is lowish, you boost the other areas. And they can all be seamlessly related to one another, one feeding the other. Do you want to focus on one-on-one sessions? Group sessions? Should you set up 6 or 12-week programs? Longer? How else can you create income?


  • Identifying your Ideal Client –  Who would you like to serve? Who specifically would YOU love to work with? Not just anyone with cancer. Women or men? Patient or caregiver? Working professionals or stay-at-home moms? Do you want to specialize in a specific cancer type? There are many factors to attracting your ideal client. The more clear you are, the easier it’ll be to find them.


  • How to share your message authentically – How can your new potential clients get to know, love and trust YOU so that they will eventually buy from you? You have unique qualities that are natural to you that you can put forth to attract people who will love working with you.

  • Setting up your fee structure - How to charge for your services. How much? How often? Do you offer discounts or payment plans? How can you help clients who are financially challenged without giving your time away?


  • Website design – What is the best way of sharing your message with the world online? Does your website pass the 10 second test? Can someone landing there know what you can do for them immediately? Are you maximizing your website to capture visitor emails?


  • Developing your email list - This is the #1 most valuable asset you must absolutely grow, steadily. How to capture emails on your website and nurture the new relationship with your subscribers so they get to know you as a source of valuable support. 


  • Email Marketing – Now that you have an email list, how do you automate a nurture sequence so you only do it once, and the rest is done automatically? How can you tell who opened your email, who clicked, and how to increase your success rate. What sorts of emails do you send to offer value to your list?


  • Let the world know you’re ready - How do you let the world know who you are and where to find you? Directly with clinics? Social media? FB ads? Brochures? Local speaking engagements? How to connect with potential sources of referrals.


  • Do you go full-time or keep a side hustle? – When do you take the leap? Before you’re ready or when everything's in place? Can you manage your time so you can do both, and take care of your family? When do you hire an assistant and how to find an affordable one?


  • Expanding your sources of revenue – How else can you create income on top of coaching? Can you design and sell a course? An eBook? Other retail merchandise?

  • Getting legal – Each State has different requirements for licensing. Do you need a fictitious business name? Bank account? Sole proprietor, limited liability company, corporation? Do you need a legal disclaimer on your site? A professional client agreement? Liability Insurance?

Yep. It's a lot!

As a coach yourself, you already know that when things seem overwhelming you help your clients chunk things down into bite-size pieces, right?  Step by baby step.


Well, if you want to set up the business part of your coaching practice successfully, you need to do the same thing. 

One. Step. At. A. Time. 

As one of our dear mentors, Marie Forleo, says: Everything Is Figureoutable. (BTW  - her #1 New York Times Bestselling Book of the same name is a must read! )

Please don’t let the "doingness"  of setting up your business foundation to get in the way of your passion and dream. It’s part of the territory of being an entrepreneur and setting up a successful business. And, it takes time to get the ball rolling.


So... Breathe, 'cause it can absolutely get done.


Thousands of people just like YOU started as newbies and slowly built their successful coaching practice. It’s a beautiful journey.


So, take this next important step and...

SIGN UP FOR OUR FREE WEBINAR to find out more.


Fill out the form below with your name and email, your most pressing business related issue you'd like some support with, and your preferred date for the webinar.

Based on your responses, we'll present a ONE HOUR webinar to get to know each other, address some of your concerns and find out MORE about what you need.

Then we'll create a custom-designed, affordable business training, LIVE on Zoom, over six consecutive weeks, so you can get some traction and move forward in your business with confidence, resolve and excitement.


Sounds AMAZING, yes?

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Big hug,

Eli and Joseph

(Who are these guys?)

Eli and Joseph NEW.jpg

Thank you! We'll be in touch with you very soon!


Eli Hans and Joseph Bennett are multi-passionate entrepreneurs. Partners in several businesses and in life, both share a passion for supporting others to live life to their highest potential.

They both have successful life and business coaching practices, they're personal growth and business workshop leaders and motivational speakers.

Five years ago Eli was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of lymphoma, with about a 10% chance of survival. He was committed to overcoming it and becoming a cancer thriver. He is now a Certified Holistic Cancer Coach at working together with Joseph - a certified hypnotherapist and former hospital social worker -  to support newly diagnosed patients and their caregivers to overcome their challenges and create their best possible outcome.

You can find out more about them at


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