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Coaching for Cancer Coaches


Build Your Brilliant Business

Setting Up Your Successful Cancer Coaching Practice

This video has been deleted.


We're excited to share this journey with you, and look forward to spending time each week learning, growing, and creating a massively successful coaching practice with you! 

Here are the dates for your training:


Tuesdays, beginning February 4 thru March 10, 2020.

1 PM central (2 PM Eastern, 11 AM Pacific)


PLEASE mark your calendar for the six sessions now.

You'll receive much more value when you're able to show up to each LIVE training on time and participate fully. These sessions will not be recorded for privacy reasons. If you need to miss,

your accountability buddy can catch you up with what you missed.

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Week 1 — Creating a Mindset of Success from the Start 

  • Having a mindset of success as an essential foundation of building your coaching practice. 

  • Get clear about your vision and direction, to make sure that your business and your life goals are in alignment.

  • Ways to build confidence in your abilities as a cancer coach.

  • Deal with any limiting beliefs that may be getting in your way of moving forward.

Week 2 — Identifying your Ideal Client and How to Serve Them 


  • Who specifically would YOU love to work with?

  • Different ways to attract your ideal client to grow your practice.

  • Various creative sources of referrals. 

  • Making your unique offers utilizing your existing strengths, skill-set, your natural talents and gifts.

Week 3 — Structuring your programs and fees

  • Create your 6 and 12-session programs designed specifically for your clients

  • How to set rates and fees for your services that feel really comfortable to you.

  • How to serve clients who are financially challenged without giving your time away for free (we have a GREAT idea we'll share to create a win/win for all.)

Week 4 — Sharing your message authentically 

  • Languaging – How to talk about what you do with others to create instant engagement.

  • How to communicate who you are and what you offer in your marketing materials so that potential clients get to know, love and TRUST you, to eventually buy from you.

Week 5 — Putting Yourself Out There 


  • Website design and email marketing

  • Essential elements that need to be in place to grow your business.

  • How to improve an existing website.

  • How to design a simple new website on your own.

  • The importance of capturing emails, best ways to do that and engage your audience afterward.

Week 6 — Best Business Practices

  • How to manage your time efficiently so that building your brilliant business becomes fun and productive.

  • The importance of having a team - who should be in it, where to hire assistants.

  • A few super helpful practices designed to keep you inspired, motivated and focused as you build your practice.

SPECIAL NOTE: Choosing this career is truly a "calling" that comes from a deep place within you to make a difference in the world. PLEASE don't let fear, doubt or anything else get in the way of that dream.


We're here to teach you the "learnable" business stuff so it no longer becomes an obstacle. The rest, you already have.


This training could be a life -changer for your business.

So, please register today! 


(Thanks to those who took advantage of the bonus!)

When you sign up before midnight on the day of your webinar, you'll receive a FREE 1/2 hour coaching session with either Eli or Joseph at any time during your training.

Build Your Brilliant Business

Setting Up Your Successful Cancer Coaching Practice

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6-week LIVE training
Private FB Group
1/2 hour coaching call
20% donated to


Can't wait to share this with you!


(If finances are a concern for you, please don't let that stop you.

You can choose the TWO PAYMENTS OPTION.

$100 now and $97 before the start of Week Four.)

Feb 4 - March 10
1 PM central
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Joseph points SMALL.jpeg
PLEASE NOTE: A minimum of 8 participants is required. If minimum is not reached class will be postponed. 

If you need to cancel the training for any reason, your fee is fully refundable UP TO 72 HOURS (3 days) before the start of the training series.  If you cancel within the 72 hour window

before the start time, your fee will NOT be refunded.

ANY QUESTIONS? You can reach us right HERE.


Eli Hans and Joseph Bennett are multi-passionate entrepreneurs. Partners in several businesses together and in life, both share a passion for supporting others to live life to their highest potential.

They both have successful life and business coaching practices, they're personal growth and business workshop leaders and motivational speakers.

Five years ago Eli was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of lymphoma, with about a 10% chance of survival. He was committed to overcoming it and becoming a cancer thriver. He is now a Certified Holistic Cancer Coach at working together with Joseph - a certified hypnotherapist and former hospital social worker -  to support newly diagnosed patients and their caregivers to overcome their challenges and create their best possible outcome.

You can find out more about them at or learn about their wellness retreats in San Miguel de Allende by visiting

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