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Diagnosed with cancer?


We're committed to helping you say goodbye to cancer for good!
Are you feeling overwhelmed by:
  • A ton of confusing and conflicting information.
  • Feeling pressured to make the right treatment decisions.
  • Terrified of the pain and suffering you imagine you might need to endure.
Life's too precious to waste.
Our cancer coaching programs empower you to make life-saving decisions from a place of clarity, confidence and peace of mind. 
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Dr. Marin Xavier

Oncologist / Hematologist

Scripps MD Anderson, San Diego CA

Eli was my patient and he's a truly exceptional human being. It's been amazing to witness how a person can thrive in the face of cancer. He and Joseph are invaluable to others going through their cancer journey. 

Mike Hanson

Stage 4 Lymphoma Patient

Irvine, CA

It was divine intervention that led me to connect with Eli. He opened my eyes to many aspects of health recovery I didn’t know existed. Without a doubt, I wouldn’t be in as promising a situation - with an all clear PET scan - without Eli's help."

Leye Galek

Pancreatic Cancer Patient

San Diego, CA

When I was diagnosed, my life was literally turned upside down. From day one Eli & Joseph have been the source of comfort and answers. My positive outlook on life is a reflection of working with them.  I invite everyone to share in their inspiration.

San Diego, CA

San Miguel de Allende, Mx.

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