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Diagnosed with cancer?


We're committed to helping you say goodbye to cancer for good!
If you're here, you or a loved one is likely feeling overwhelmed by:
  • A ton of confusing and conflicting information that makes you more anxious than before.
  • Feeling pressured to make the right treatment decisions, but you're not clear yet on the direction you want to take: Conventional? Alternative? A combination? 
  • The pain and suffering you imagine you might need to endure, and you want to find the most manageable way possible through this experience.
We totally get it. We've been there. 
That's why we designed our cancer coaching programs to empower you to make life-affirming decisions from a place of clarity, confidence and peace of mind,
so that you can create the most positive outcome possible:
A beautiful healthy life worth living.
Our goal is to help you:
Become A Cancer Thriver PNG.png
  • Take control of your health with knowledge, clarity and confidence.
  • Discover integrative, life-affirming strategies to stack the odds in your favor.
  • Learn to heal the root cause of this imbalance, not just the symptoms.
  • Increase the quality AND the quantity of your life.
  • Not just survive this experience, but truly learn to thrive afterwards!
Seven years ago, I was exactly where you are right now. I had a very scary diagnosis, with about a 10% chance of survival. I was terrified and very confused.
So, I completely understand how you must feel.
Now thriving, being cancer-free for over six years after discovering my own integrative healing path and training as a certified holistic cancer coach, I help people like you discover their own roadmap back to wellness. 

Your cancer diagnosis is unlike anyone else's. It's essential to create a personalized approach to increase your chances of getting well again. 


Moving forward on your journey with a deeper understanding and a strong belief in your ability to heal will give you the confidence you need to make the right choices. This can have a HUGE positive impact on your outcome. 

Eli Hans Holistic Cancer Coach
Your Support Team

As a former hospital social worker - and currently a certified life coach and hypnotherapist, I've spent many years working with clients going through life's most difficult challenges.


Six years ago I did my best to show up for Eli during the most challenging phase of his life. 


My expertise is in working with caregivers. It's so important to take care of your loved one during this challenging time, but also to make sure that YOU remain grounded and as healthy as possible during this difficult time.

I can help you get through the overwhelm and come up with a plan so you can stay well AND be as present as possible for your loved one.



I´m Joseph -

Certified Life Coach & Certified Hypnotherapist

I´m Eli -

Cancer Thriver and Certified Holistic Cancer Coach

You can do this!

I can guide you though it.

(También hablo español.)

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Learn about Eli's inspiring One-Man show about his cancer healing journey.

Out of The Blue - A Miraculous Musical.

How we can support you.

Easy steps to get on the right healing path

When trying to make decisions to save our life, it's nearly impossible to make informed decisions from a place of fear and anguish.


As Holistic Cancer Coaches, our job is to make things easier and empower you to discover healing strategies that feel right to YOU - one step at a time.

Our work supports any medical treatments you may choose to do, while understanding that true healing requires us to address the root of the imbalance that has shown up as cancer in your body. 


A holistic approach addresses you as a whole person, not just a tumor. We'll explore specific areas that may be contributing to your situation from a physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual perspective. 

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green juice

It's a beautiful and meaningful process that asks you to commit to your own healing journey, balanced with compassion, patience and even some degree of humor.

If you choose to work together, some areas we'll likely explore may include:

  • strategies to help you create a cancer thriver mindset, and reduce fear, anxiety and overwhelm.


  • powerful ways to boost your immune system naturally and minimize treatment side effects.

  • practical ways to incorporate a delicious & powerful  anti-cancer diet that can make a huge difference in your outcome.

  • the emotional aspect of dealing with cancer, learning coping skills to maneuver through challenges with more grace.

  • learning to powerfully access your intuition to help you make the right decisions for yourself. 

  • referrals to expert healthcare practitioners to help you assemble your top-notch support team.


  • great resources to save you precious time and money, enhance the quality of life and increase the odds of your long-term survival. 


DOWNLOAD your FREE CANCER THRIVER MINI-GUIDE to get on the right healing track from the start. 

Kind Words

Marin Xavier.png

Dr. Marin Xavier

Oncologist / Hematologist

Scripps MD Anderson, San Diego CA

Eli was my patient and he's a truly exceptional human being. It's been amazing to witness how a person can thrive in the face of cancer. He and Joseph are invaluable to others going through their cancer journey. 

Mike Hanson.png

Mike Hanson

Stage 4 Lymphoma Patient

Irvine, CA

It was divine intervention that led me to connect with Eli. He opened my eyes to many aspects of health recovery I didn’t know existed. Without a doubt, I wouldn’t be in as promising a situation - with an all clear PET scan - without Eli's help."


Leye Galek

Pancreatic Cancer Patient

San Diego, CA

When I was diagnosed, my life was literally turned upside down. From day one Eli & Joseph have been the source of comfort and answers. My positive outlook on life is a reflection of working with them.  I invite everyone to share in their inspiration.

You have nothing to lose. 
And a lifetime to gain. 
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